Friday, April 10, 2015

~Classy and Fabulous~

Hey ya'll it's me again...I started looking at my closet I decided it needed something on the wall above my shoe rack. So I found an old picture frame that my mom had originally made a diy chalkboard out of...(which didn't end up lasting)so I found some black spray paint and touched up the frame.Once that was done I used contact paper and covered the ugly looking chalkboard up..then I went on and google and found a quote by Coco Chanel that quotes...''A Girl Should Be Two Things...Classy and Fabulous''. Then I went on PicMonkey and recreated the quote and designed a layout and the printed it out ...once I did that I put the paper on the picture the got red polka dot washi tape and made a frame for the quote! And it cost NOTHING because I already had all the materials I needed to do it! So now I'm gonna share with ya'll the finished look!

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