Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pantry Organizing at Grandma's House

Okay so while I was vacationing in Arizona I organized my grandparents pantry and fridge ..I had opened the door to the pantry and I couldn't find a I went thru and threw useless and expired foods away and found me some jars and got to work! And  grandma bought some cute chalk labels to stick on the jars...Grandma basically had every kind of jar you could imagine...Lol...She bought two extra that matched two other ones she had...This whole project cost about $15.00!!! The jars were $2.00 apiece ...which grandma found from Goodwill...the chalk labels were $3.00 and the chalk marker was about $7.00...So anyways I'm so excited to share this project with ya'll! Enjoy!!

Top Shelf

Second shelf...Oops the contact paper came off...didn't relize

Third shelf

Fourth shelf

The last shelf

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