Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fridge Organizing at Grandma's House

Okay so I shared with ya'll pictures of my grandma's pantry organization ...Well I got to her fridge and I was like ''Ok this definetly needs some organizing!'' So I got to work and tackled that as well!! I used contact paper to make a base for the labels..I made the labels with black chalk paper..they are nt perfect but they worked! My grandma was so happy with her fridge! She told me she could actually find things now..Lol!!
See how everything is just

Does it look better?

They can alot of produce and fruit but half of it was expired

Left Side: Snack Items  Right Side:Breakfast Items

Veggie and Fruits

This was the door of the fridge

This shelf was for all the weird exotic

This was like all the extra stuff 

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